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Are you tired of working in community mental health, trying to achieve high and abnormal “productivity” requirements, not able to practice in a manner or method that is inline with your training?  Traumaology provides both training supervision and clinical supervision to Counselor Trainee’s (CT) and Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) who are working towards initial licensure and or independent licensure.  As an LPC, you are able to own your own private practice while working towards your LPCC licensure.  

We offer both individual supervision as well as group supervision.

For more information about receiving supervision please contact our office at 740.513.2306.  

“Training supervision” is supervision of all individuals who are gaining the experience required for a license as a licensed professional clinical counselor, or a license as a licensed professional counselor under rule 4757-13-01 of the Administrative Code, or a counselor trainee registered with the board and enrolled in a practicum or internship class under paragraph (E) of this rule. This type of supervision requires extensive time and involvement on the part of the supervisor in order to help supervisees improve their skills and/or learn new skills. Supervision must start with an initial face to face meeting after which communication may be in person, via videoconferencing, or by phone. Training supervision shall include an average of one hour of contact between the supervisor and supervisee for every twenty hours of work by the supervisee. Training supervision shall be face-to-face individual and/or triadic for counselor trainees.

“Work supervision” is supervision required of licensed professional counselors who are engaging in the diagnosis and treatment of mental and emotional disorders. Work supervision may be provided by a professional clinical counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist, independent marriage and family therapist, or independent social worker. This supervision requires the evaluation of the supervisee’s performance; professional guidance to the supervisee; approval of the supervisee’s intervention plans and their implementation; the assumption of responsibility for the welfare of the supervisee’s clients; and assurance that the supervisee functions within the limits of his/her license. The assessment, diagnosis, treatment plan, revisions to the treatment plan, correspondence and transfer or termination of the client(s) shall be approved by the supervisor and shall be made available to the board upon request. Licensed professional counselors shall disclose to their clients on all printed and electronic material that they are engaging in the diagnosis and treatment of mental and emotional disorders under the supervision of an appropriately licensed mental health professional. The supervisee shall also disclose to their clients on the disclosure statement or similar document the name(s) of the professional(s) providing supervision.

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